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Zen Internet provides a full range of data, voice and hosting services to business and residential customers across the UK. Over the last 20 years, Zen has grown from a pioneering ISP into a company with an infrastructure of such quality that it’s put their network and capabilities on a par with Tier 1 providers like Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone.


Having invested a whopping £10 million in bringing themselves up to speed with the industry big boys, it was help in raising awareness of these best-in-class connectivity and networking solutions that brought Zen to Gasp’s strong and fearless Direct Mail pedigree.

They had a very specific target audience in mind with the perfect organisational infrastructure to benefit most from Zen’s WAN services. The aim was to create an impactful communication that would cut through to, and persuade, the prospects to make contact with Zen, compelling them to register interest in their services. Leading with one of Zen’s key USPs; their unrivalled and award-winning customer service.



Our solution? We sent them a brick. Wait, hear us out. We sent a high-impact (not literally), unbranded, brick direct mail unit to each contact; a simple and intrigue-arousing mechanic that was a playful reference to that all-too-familiar customer service frustration; ‘it’s like talking to a brick wall’.

The brick outer opened to reveal a Zen brochure on a plinth. The reader’s eye is first drawn to an empathetic question, delivered in a stark, crisp, white font. Coupled with first-name only personalisation, it immediately put Zen on a personable footing with the recipient.


...a playful reference to that all-to-familiar customer service frustration; ‘it’s like talking to a brick wall’





"It’s still early days as the prospects are running through an engagement email program but the campaign has delivered an immediate 16 MQL and 2 opportunities, with very high recall of the Direct Mail campaign and brand."

With their attention captured, we built on this with a convincing yet affable narrative. The unassuming, informal and approachable tone of voice was indicative of the one-to-one service and rapport a customer can expect with their dedicated point of contact at Zen.

Prominent photos of a diverse bunch of genuine individuals who testify to the great job Zen do helped to drive home the fundamental message of relationship building, while a call-to-action asking for a laid back meeting and a chat was given a cheerful touch with Zen offering to pay for the coffee.



You don’t need too much imagination to picture the amused and bemused look on people’s faces when they receive a brick at work! Yet the intention was for the campaign to be integrated across multiple channels on a greater scale, so the creative look and feel was robust yet agile enough to lend itself to online as well as offline.

The whole project, as with all successful agency-client work, was a collaborative effort, and it was very much a case of Gasp setting them up and Zen knock them down, as they follow up the warm leads generated by our DM with a robust sales follow up strategy. We’ll update further as more results become available.

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